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3 Reasons Why Your Children Should Play with Multicultural Dolls

As a parent, you should have a strong focus on helping your child feel empowered, inspired, strong, resilient, and beautiful as they grow up. When young Black, biracial, and brown girls aren’t represented as well as their white counterparts in the media, there’s a massive need for inclusivity.

Girls of color should see more girls like themselves on TV, in movies, in magazines, on billboards, in video games, in advertisements, and in toys. Seeing yourself represented creates a strong sense of inner empowerment and acceptance. It makes young Black, biracial, and brown girls feel like they belong and that they are as equally important to society.

If you’re looking for diverse dolls for your child, consider investing in multicultural dolls that ignite feelings of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence in your child. Here are three reasons why your children should play with multicultural dolls.   

1. They Can Easily Relate to the Doll

As humans, it’s easier for us to relate to people who look like us. This is true for children as well; they will identify with a doll if it is a reflection of themselves.

As a child dresses her doll up, does her hair, and accessorizes her, they will develop the same appreciation and adoration for themselves.

By caring for another Black, biracial, or brown doll, they’ll develop self-awareness and embrace their individual beauty, uniqueness, intelligence, and culture.

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2. They Won’t Feel Like an Outsider

The media has a strong focus on white actors, singers, models, dancers, and social media stars. Black and brown representation, however, is not as visible. However, we do see significant changes being made in society today.

As your child plays with multicultural dolls, they won’t feel like an outsider; they’ll feel included. This feeling of belonging is extremely important for young girls. It helps them to develop a strong sense of self and community.

3. They’ll Celebrate Diversity and Black Beauty

Children are like ultra-absorbent sponges. Since they’re in an active developmental stage, they absorb most of what they learn. As your child plays with multicultural dolls, they’ll learn to recognize and celebrate diversity and Black beauty. They won’t feel insecure about themselves. Instead, they will understand the importance of inclusivity and diversity. They’ll embrace their differences and use them as tools for self-empowerment.

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At Brains and Beauty Dolls, we’re committed to encouraging young girls to empower one another. Our multicultural dolls are made with real human hair to help young girls recognize their beauty, individuality, uniqueness, and fearlessness.

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We want young Black, brown, and biracial girls to feel confident, secure, empowered, and beautiful. We want them to take up space and make their mark. Let’s start this journey together!