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4 Ways Of Helping Your Child’s Emotional Development

Intelligence spans beyond only academic skills—emotional intelligence defines a person’s skills in managing and expressing their feelings in an appropriate manner while respecting those of the people around them. It’s essential for children to begin learning these skills at a young age. High EQ can serve many benefits to your child from a young age—they’re better at managing conflicts and developing deeper friendships, have less depression, and tend to have better relationships in their professional and personal lives.

Here’s how you can help your child with their emotional development:

Help them label their emotions

Children need to have the ability to recognize their feelings. Help your kid put a name to their emotions by guessing what they might be feeling through the context. For example, if they look sad after their playdate got cancelled, you can ask them if they’re disappointed that they aren’t going to meet their friends today.

Emotional words like “angry,” “shy,” and “painful” help your child build up their vocabulary to express feelings. Make sure to incorporate positive emotions like “thrilled,” “excited,” and “hopeful.”

Show empathy

You might feel tempted to minimize your child’s feelings when they’re upset and exhibiting a seemingly dramatic emotional response. However, dismissive comments will only make your child shy away from sharing their emotions with you and will make them believe that what they feel is wrong.

Validate what they feel and show empathy regardless of your understanding of their feelings. Show them that you care about their feelings so that they’re not as compelled to act out on their feelings.

Teach proper coping skills

Once kids have started to understand their emotions, they need to start learning how to handle them in an emotionally healthy way. It’s important for them to know how to cheer themselves up, calm down, or face any fears. Teach your child to take deep breaths if they’re angry or try to recite the ABC’s in reverse to let their body calm down.

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Did you know that playing with dolls can help your child build essential emotional skills which they’ll carry into their adult lives? Dolls can bring different stories to life to enrich children through characters who are a reflection of the challenges and issues that they face. They also help provide children with a medium to explore diverse backgrounds and personalities while offering different accessories that help them create their own imaginative worlds. Playing with dolls provides unique opportunities for kids to practice their social interactions and develop empathy for different ethnicities and cultures, as well as themselves.

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