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5 Lessons Children Learn From Playing with and Caring for Multicultural Dolls

Dolls have always been liked by children and can be traced back to 200BC. Archaeologists discovered clay dolls in Greek and rag or wooden dolls in ancient Rome. Since then, dolls have evolved from immobile stick figures to the more modern versions we are familiar with today. The industrial era of the 19th century brought dolls that came with removable clothing, movable limbs, and more life-like features.

No matter what dolls look like, children have always enjoyed them. Whether you or your child collects dolls, or if they particularly love playing pretend with them, there is no doubt they will be popular with children in the future too.

Turns out dolls offer more than just enjoyment. They can also help kids learn and grow. Some of the benefits of playing with dolls are listed below.

1.     Promoting Inclusiveness

Buying your child black dolls with natural hair can promote inclusiveness. Learning about inclusiveness can help children learn about race and the issues that children of color can face in their daily lives. From a young age, children are exposed to different cultures and appearances and become more accepting of the obvious differences in real life.

2.     Celebrating Color & Cultures

By buying your child black dolls, you’re promoting and celebrating black culture. Whether or not you are black, it is good to recognize the various cultures that surround us. By playing with diverse dolls, you can encourage your child to learn more about other people that they are bound to interact with within their neighborhoods and schools. Your child can gain a better understanding and appreciation for all races and ethnicities.

3.     Encouraging Diversity

It is good to inform children about the advantages of diversity from a young age. Instead of closing your child off from multicultural societies, open them up to the idea of interacting with people who don’t necessarily look like them. Surrounding your child with brown and black dolls can promote equality from a young age. It becomes normal for them to see the multiple cultures that exist in the world.

a doll

4.     Improved Social Skills

The early years of the child are some of the most important in their personal development. Playing with dolls improves social skills in children. When they play pretend on their own or with their friends, they learn to communicate with others. The act of playing with others also encourages cooperation between the doll and themselves.

5.     Increased Sense of Responsibility

Playing with toys can also instill a sense of responsibility in children. They are required to take care of their toys and look after their conditions. Because the doll is lifelike, it also encourages kids to treat them, like a pet of sorts.

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