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5 Reasons Why All Children Should Play With Black Dolls

Children love playing with dolls—they can create an entire story in their heads with their dolls as the main characters as they explore social interactions and different scenarios. Playing with dolls can help children find meaning in their socializing activities with different kinds of people that might or might not come across in their daily life.

Something as simple as a toy can help us teach our kids about race and respecting differences. Here’s why all children should play with black dolls at least once:


Black dolls should be the norm on a child’s toy shelf. Ethnic dolls and toys teach kids that they should include everyone in the things they do and the games they play. Dolls represent our human connections, and we shouldn’t exclude anyone based on their color.


Black is beautiful, and black dolls provide children with a way of celebrating this wonderful heritage as well as the black community’s beauty as a whole. Simply owning and playing with a black doll can help a young child develop positive feelings towards people who are also black, especially since kids tend to get excited when they get to link real-life people to their play.


It’s important to encourage the idea of diversity in a young child’s mind. It’s rather easy to get a mass-produced white doll, but black, brown, and other ethnic dolls are often hard to find or left behind on the shelf. Get those dolls out of the store and into your child’s hands to help them create stories and explore their imagination with dolls of all colors.


Owning a black doll or seeing it being loved by others can leave a powerful impression on young children’s minds—regardless of their ethnicity. It sends an empowering and positive message about the black community and its members, especially those with different identities. Bonding with a black doll can also help black children feel pride in their identity, enabling them to celebrate their beauty.


Playing with dolls can help trigger a sense of love, care, and protection within a child. Playing with a black doll can help young children develop empathy towards people of that color, expanding their minds and hearts and helping them develop a kinder view of the world. Children often see their toys as “real,” and building on that can help them feel more connected to the children of color that they meet in real life.

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