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How Important Are Brains and Beauty Dolls to Our Children’s Development: By Katelyn Davis

Many people look at a baby doll and don’t give it a second thought, but for our children, they are so much more important. In fact, research shows that pretend play is a huge step in the cognitive and emotional development for children as they grow. Here are some of the ways that Brains and Beauty Dolls can impact our children’s development through creative play:

Teaching Social Skills

Children are naturally curious and interested with other children, which is why they may be so easily distracted by another child in the grocery store. They often relate to dolls in the same way, which means that the skills that they learn when interacting with their dolls can be applied to real life social situations, too.

Introducing Responsibility

Children often relate to their dolls in a parent-child situation. This means that they get a chance to play the parent role, which is a great introduction to responsibility. Even small tasks, such as changing the dolls clothes or keeping up with accessories is a step to developing skills they will need to succeed. By playing the “parent” role in their relationship with their doll, they also get a chance to view things from another perspective, which can help them understand why they are expected to follow rules or be respectful to their parents as well.

Creating Emotional Awareness and Regulation

In “pretend play” situations, it is common for children to create an entire scene, including a climax or problem that the doll will need to endure. Children will often say things like “My doll is upset because she lost her shoe” or otherwise will acknowledge their dolls pretend emotions. Overall, this can help a child understand which emotions are appropriate for certain stimuli, and can also help children learn to regulate and deal with negative emotions when they happen. Most importantly, playing with dolls can help normalize emotions, leaving children feeling empowered to form their own emotional responses.

Personal Development

When children are given the opportunity to relate to their dolls, they also receive a unique opportunity for personal growth. This type of connection can lead to increased introspection, helping children envision themselves in their doll’s place. This can lead them to endless opportunities while playing pretend, encouraging them to explore multiple scenarios to establish their own personal goals, whether it be becoming a mother, lawyer, teacher, scientist, or more. Dolls can help develop personal skills and offer an introspective light to help children create a positive self-image, gain confidence, and find the power they need to set goals and conquer them.

Beautiful Black Dolls Can Help Set Your Child Up for Success

Because dolls are so important to our children’s development, it’s important that you find them a doll that they will love for years to come. If you buy black dolls online, you’ll have access to Brains and Beauty natural hair dolls, which offer your little girls a childhood friend they can truly relate to. Brains and Beauty dolls aim to help inspire little girls to always be their best and to never get discouraged in the face of a challenge. Giving the gift of a Brains and Beauty doll is one crucial step in setting your little girls up for success.