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How to Recognize and Repair Moments of Self-Doubt in Your Children

Self-doubt is something that many people will have to face at some point in life. It’s the same for your kids as well. There are many situations where they may feel that they are simply not good enough. Children can also feel inadequate, whether it’s a comment from a friend, a low grade in class, or a joke at their expense.

However, if self-doubt is not repaired in children, it can follow them for life. They will feel inadequate throughout middle school, high school, university, and even in their careers. Moments of self-doubt can transform into negative thoughts, which can be very demotivating. The earlier such feelings are squashed, the better it is for your child’s growth.

Signs That Are Associated With Self-Doubt


Anxiety is a common symptom of self-doubt. If you find yourself worrying about performing or attempting a task, you may feel highly anxious. Others may not be able to identify this, but the person suffering can feel intensely overwhelmed. If your child is anxious, it may be increased levels of self-doubt in them.


If someone feels inadequate in life, they can eventually become depressed. Depression can cause a person to feel sad, empty, and helpless. It can also impact a person’s physical health as they sleep more, reduce physical activities, and change eating habits.

Lack of Motivation

People who are clouded by self-doubt may find it hard to motivate themselves to do their usual tasks. They tend to procrastinate as well, uninterested in their daily tasks.

How to Repair Self-Doubt in Children?

Parents can help their children remove self-doubt by identifying self-doubt and then taking steps to repair their confidence.

Listen to Them

If a child is feeling uncertain, you need to listen to them. It may seem as if they are being very negative at times, but you should allow them to vent. Releasing their frustration can help them feel relaxed and heard. It is normal for people to question themselves, but they should gain their confidence back over time.

Help with Focus

In some cases of self-doubt, people may begin to feel overwhelmed by the size or scope of the task. You can help your child by focusing on smaller aspects of the task and creating a step-by-step plan to help them feel relaxed.

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You can ask your child to close his eyes and take deep breaths. After he has spent some time breathing deeply, ask them to visualize a positive situation. Encourage them to believe that they will get over this obstacle.

Correct their Words

Speaking negatively is bound to occur at times but should be stopped if it happens too often. It’s not healthy to keep repeating bad thoughts—try to help them change their mindset by being more positive.

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