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Malia, Khari & Nia: Your Children’s New Favorite Black and Biracial Dolls

Dolls have been around for centuries, gradually changing in appearance based on society’s beauty standards. It’s become a standard toy that most children enjoy playing with as it allows them to unleash their creativity and imagination. A doll also helps a child with their language, emotional and social skills, all of which are an important part of overall development and growth. These types of toys teach them to interact with people and directly lead them to real-life situations that are within their environment. 

However, when it comes to purchasing a doll for your child, you’ll find a myriad of options. But essentially, they’re all white dolls with blonde hair and blue eyes. While, this may reflect only a percentage of the world’s population, biracial and black children often don’t have proper representations. To combat this misrepresentation and vocalize identity issues, our dedicated team at Brain & Beauty Dolls have created three beautiful black and biracial dolls, Malia, Khari, and Nia.

Meet Khari

Khari is 18″ and has a pair of beautiful gray eyes. Her real kinky afro hair makes her a favorite among children as it’s super fun to style. She has a half-cloth body, a movable head, and her limbs are made of smooth vinyl. She wears a stunning African printed dress and gladiator sandals, to connect with African children and help them celebrate their cultural fashion. Apart from her style, Khari has a motivating personality and can speak about 20 empowering phrases. She’s strong, wise, and has excellent leadership skills. Khari is fond of reading books and aspires to become a successful lawyer and make a difference. These unique personality traits help motivate your child to dream about their futures while learning important life skills.

Meet Malia

Next, we have the bold and fashionable Malia! Just like her friend Khari, Malia too is 18″, has gorgeous brown eyes and kinky curly hair. She’s wearing a white dress with pink polka dots that is layered with a blue denim jacket. Her look is completed with a pair of earrings and stylish brown boots. If you can’t already tell, Malia loves fashion and modeling. Apart from this, she’s known for her leadership skills and high motivation levels. Malia wants to become the CEO of her own company and connects with your child by speaking some motivating phrases.

Meet Nia

With attractive brown eyes and thick locs, Nia is the perfect doll to promote the importance of diversity. She’s dressed in a purple and pink “Melanin” tutu dress and a pair of purple high-top canvas sneakers. Her locs are synthetic so your little girl can try all the hairstyles she wants. Nia is super fun, adventurous, honest, and creative. She loves writing and wants to become a journalist.

We’re a leading black-owned toy store that is known to help promote diversity and empower young girls with our bi-racial and black dolls. If you’re looking for black dolls online, we’ve got you covered! You can check out our doll accessories as well.