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Why Are Black and Biracial Role Models So Important for Young Girls of Color?

Role models have always played a large role in children’s development and growth. Children need someone to look up to, encouraging them to achieve goals and dreams in their lives. From a very young age, children are required to write essays describing who their role model is.

Young boys have always had a long list of sports personalities, leaders, and scientists to look up to. In recent times, people identified that girls too need female role models. Now, we need to look at the importance of having role models from different races.

Importance of Role Models

Role models can help you realize what you want to do in life. They don’t just help you realize your dreams but also understand who to achieve them. You can learn about the important characteristics that you need to have to succeed. Kids can learn about discipline, perseverance, and other admirable qualities to move forward in life.

Kids can learn how to overcome a variety of obstacles. All of us will face some challenge in our life. Role models can help you realize that you are not alone in it. That failure is just a part of life that helps you learn. In short, role models are a source of inspiration to kids and even adults.

Importance of Black & Biracial Role Models

From a young age, black girls are made aware of the various obstacles they need to face. Their race and gender will both play a part in how others perceive them. These girls need the same sources of inspiration in their lives.

They need to know that despite everything, they can be successful. They need to be reminded that they are just as good as anyone else out there and can dream big.

Some Black Female Role Models

Some black female role models that girls can look up to are:

  1. Michelle Obama – Michelle Obama was the former First Lady and is a celebrated author, philanthropist, and attorney. During her time in the spotlight, she advocated for education, physical health, and poverty awareness.
  2. Tiffany Haddish – Tiffany is an actor, comedian, and author that has found success despite tough odds. She became the first African American woman to host SNL and also boasts a Grammy award.
  3. Oprah Winfrey – Everyone loves Oprah, and her story is also an example of black girl magic. At a time when women were in no place to make demands, Oprah knew her worth when she went up against the instilled patriarchy in the entertainment industry that denied her equal pay. Today, she is worth over $2.5 billion.
  4. Toni Morrison–one of the literary greats, Toni Morrison has released multiple essays and books that detail her life as a black individual. She is the recipient of the Nobel Laureate in Literature (1992), the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Pulitzer Prize.

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There is no shortage of black role models for little girls. All we need to do is increase awareness to see that nothing is stopping them from achieving greatness.

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